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Brabble (1)


i. A clamorous contest, a brawl (Shakespearean).

ii. A noisy contest or wrangle.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Thought purposeful and necessary by all involved.

2. Reason would be a reality, not from an anticipation.

3. There will be no rule or order, rhyme or rhythm here.

4. Serious physicality - fisticuffs, or the like, nonexistent.

5. Whoever cares to listen, would be told and/or informed.

6. Continues or lasts until solution or an escape is possible.

7. Considerable loss would be suffered, as a direct outcome.

8. Lessons must be learned therefrom, even if not beneficial.

9. Resolved in the end - not passed on to coming generation.

A. Who is culpable this time? YOU ARE ALL JOBLESS.*

B. Can any good come out of this? ANY SAVING GRACE ?

C. Why blamestorming or scapegoating? YOU DID WRONG !

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