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Definition: (especially North American English) A period of time when the amount of electrical power that is supplied to an area is reduced.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (to emphasize, connect to #2).

2. Necessity. That is, there is a need to a reduced amount to area.

3. Justifiable, that is, the decision to reduce amount supplied to particular area is well considered (to emphasize, connect to #2).

See perfect RATIONING.
Below the Line
4. Notification about plan to reduce amount was sent out early and received by residents/consumers.

5. Notification was positively responded to. That is, nothing is damaged or destroyed at the time electricity is reduced or as a direct result of the reduction.

6. Reduction lasts for appropriate duration in the opinion of residents/users.

See perfect BLACKOPUT (1).

further below the line

7. On the restoration of normal supply, no damage occurs to equipment and/or goods as a result of an inappropriateness in the process.

8. Reduction achieves objective(s), whatever this/these is/are.

See perfect BLACKOUT (3).

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