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Broken marriage

Definition: (informal) A legal union formerly between a husband and wife that has ended or been irretrievably destroyed.

* All eleven conditions would be in.

1. Purposeful (connect to #3).

2. The wedding was legally contracted (to emphasize).

3. Considered vital and a necessity. That is, both or all parties involve consider it important to break-up. In other words, there will be a reason or reasons for the break-up, even if this/these is/are known to only the partners.


4. No more trust, whatever is said or done (tolerance - nil).

5. No more love, even if wedding band is worn (appreciation - nought).

6. No intervention will work or worked - not by the court or family or offspring or siblings or parents, etc. (who? how?).

7. Another 'road' is already being travelled by one or both of the former spouses. That is, either of or both partners are in new relationship(s) (thank God).

8. No change - personal, economic, religious, etc. - will bring about a change of mind by the other, that might lead to a reunion (so what?).

9. Issues that arose from the break-up of the marriage have all, somehow been amicably resolved (it's over still).


10. End or ending is legitimized or legalized (connect to #2).

11. Partners have moved on. That is, no 'I wish ... .', or 'Had I known ...', or 'Ifs'.


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