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General husband

Definition: (informal) A husband who has only one wife but that is like the husband of every woman.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Thinks lifestyle purposeful and necessary. HERE.

2. Tries, in every conceivable way, to please all. THERE.

3. Ensures females are over the age of discretion. EVERYWHERE.

4. Able to afford the costs involved in 'womanising'. HER.

5. Won't have unplanned loss as a direct consequence. SHE.

6. Achieves objective(s), only if marriage remains intact. WOMENFOLK.

* Ain't about what you are thinking:

Everyone loves the cheerful giver.

* Wife truly very long-suffering;

She gives everything he asks.

* And more, and, still he is,

Ogling, teasing the sluts.

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