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Bridgehead (2)

Definition: A good position from which to make progress.

* All five elements would be in.

1. Safe and secured. That is, place offers adequate protection to start or continue to do an act. That is, no risk, danger, challenge, etc. will be present, while in position.

2. Conditions in, or situation, of the assumed good position are/is fully known or can be found out.

3. Rival or competitor, if any, will not be close to position. That is, time and space for gathering the wherewithal, making manoeuvres, having the freedom to explore, a chance to have a change of mind, etc. will be available during period in position (to emphasize).

4. Condition or state will be present or will exist for duration desired, short or long (connect to #5).

5. Can be 'taken', whenever wished. That is, steady progress can start to be made therefrom.

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