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i. (intransitive verb) (slang) To calm down: relax.

ii. To become calm and relaxed.

iii. To chill out, calm down from an angry or negative mode, and relax, meaning to become more light hearted and positive.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, especially for who will be chillaxing.

2. Timing will be considered appropriate, before a 'boiling over'.

3. Basis or footing will be sound, sure no agreement in in sight.

4. Who chillaxes will remain within a vicinity or the environment.

5. No substance is ingested to cause change in circumstances.

6. Matter or issue at hand is believed brought to a final closure.

7. Some beneficial activities will be engaged in, in the situation.

8. Choice to let sleeping dog lie serves purpose(s) - peacefulness.

9. Whatever is thought a loss therefrom is affordable for who chills.



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