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Breeding (1)

Definition: The keeping of animals in order to breed (= have them reproduce by mating with each other) from them.

* All ten elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (to emphasize).

2. Considered a necessity (connect to #1).

3. Practice or the species involved are allowed by law. That is, animals are not being illegally kept for breeding.

Below the Line
4. Animals are well looked after - by vets, etc.

5. The rights of animals are respected (connected to #4).

6. The environment is as close as possible to the animals natural habitat (connect to #5).

See perfect ANIMAL RIGHTS.

further below the line

7. Young animals are allowed to suckle.

8. No branding iron is used on newborn (to emphasize).

See perfect RUSTLING (2).

much further below the line

9. No incident of the 'cot deaths' of newborn animals (connect to #7).

10. Practice serves purpose(s) (connect to #9).

See perfect BREEDING GROUND (1).

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