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Definition: The state or condition of being mealy-mouthed (afraid to speak frankly or straightforwardly).

* All six elements would be in.

1. Seriously believed purposeful and necessary by who is fearful... Letters 'tough'.

2. Clearly without principles. That is, not strong-minded... Senses wasted.

3. Boldly speaks frankly and straightforwardly in secure setting... Mind shackled.

4. Readily justifies being frightened with 'lame' excuses... Standing none.

5. Shamefully expects some understanding to be offered by others... Blame tolerated.

6. Surely survives: serves purpose(s) to fight another day... Words and phrases are too heavy to be uttered in the present circumstances.

Life at stake.

Food at risk.

Name is off.

Time is on.

What am I?

Must am...

Quote: "I've been patient, but where I'm concerned patience has its limits. Taken too far and it's cowardice". - George Jackson.

Quote: "There are forms or oppression and domination which become invisible - the new normal". - Michel Foucault.

Quote: "The goal in the end is not to win elections. The goal is to change society". - Paul Krugman.

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