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Alter ego (3)


i. The opposite side of a personality. [Merrian-Webster Dictionary]

ii. Another aspect of oneself. [Dictionary.com]

* All five elements should be in.

* The opposite or another aspect.

1. Purposeful and thought necessary by the actual, living self; can be craved and can, therefore, be responded to, where needed.

2. Present only in the subconscious and/or existing only in the mind's eye. That is, cannot be seen and/or communicated with.

3. Phenomenon is single, i.e., will not be able to serve anyone with a multiple personality - solo and consistent, whenever.

4. Exists or present, current and active, whatever the state of person with this 'being'. That is, 'spirit' is indestructible.

5. Giving an assurance, when in doubt; supporting, whenever lacking an assistance; encouraging, when in a negative situation.

See perfect ALTER EGO (1).

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