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i. (especially in compounds) A container made of wood, cardboard, metal, etc. with a flat stiff base and sides and often a lid, used especially for holding solid things.

ii. A container usually lidded, made of stiff material such as pasteboard, wood, metal, etc.

* All eleven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

Below the Line
1. Measurements are of the exact lengths and widths desired.

2. Made of the real or exact material or stuff desired (see definition).

3. Exactly as desired plain, with a false bottom, mirror(s), compartments, etc.

4. Safe or can be quickly and easily secured with zipper, combination lock, etc., as necessary.

5. Made of the desired colour(s), shape, etc.

6. With excellent 'mobility'. That is, it can quickly be moved or is easily movable with tyres, 'roller(s)' etc., as applicable.

7. Inside is exactly as desired: clean or dirty, smelly or fresh, etc.


further below the line

1. Possessed or obtainable, affordable.

2. Lid is securely in place (to emphasize).

3. Container has no leak.


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