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Bow legs

Definition: Legs that curve out at the knees.

* All five elements should be in.

1. Purposeful - certainly the legs! (Not necessarily the curve!)

2. 'Natural'. That is, curve is not the outcome of an accident or injury, illness, etc. (And curve is on both legs.)

Below the Line
3. Legs are 'otherwise' healthy and fit. That is, the bones and flesh of legs are strong, not weak.

4. Legs are useful and usable. That is, can be used to kick, push, climb, jump, walk, dance, 'wrap' or 'curl', etc. (To reemphasize, connect to #3.)


further below the line

5. Legs are loved by the owner, not seen as an inconvenience or impediment (can carry his or her weight and go wherever and ...) - and appreciated by another or others, as appropriate (can ... .) That is, legs are not seen as an embarrassment (connect to #4).


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