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Ku-klux klan


i. A secret organization of white men in the southern states of the US who use violence to oppose social change and equal rights for black people.

ii. A secret organisation in several Southern U.S. states after Civil War of 1861-65, to oppose Northern influence, and prevent Negroes from enjoying their rights as freemen - revived in 1916 to deal drastically with Jews, Catholics, Negroes, etc.

iii. (Reserved!)

* All six elements are in.

1. In the estimation of members, it is purposeful and necessary.

2. Never really tries to justify stance or position (to emphasize).

3. Members work alone, never with others considered 'outsiders'.

4. Knight-riders are beyond the reach of the law or judicial system.

5. Bold beyond belief - always ready and willing to pay any price.

6. Lasts as long as racism/bigotry is prevalent in the United States.

America's sore......See perfect Jew-baiting............Killing ugly.

Alive and well.......See perfect Muslim-American....Killjoy kings.

Strong, active.......See perfect Implicitness.............'Knee-jerkers'.

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