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Boom-bust cycle

Definition: (business) A boom-burst cycle is a series of events in which a rapid increase in business activity in the economy is followed by a rapid decrease in business activity, and this process is repeated again and again.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Buoyancy or stringency will be the outcome of free market economy.

2. Sign or evidence of impending slump will be seen early and clearly.

3. The benefits or gains of increased activity will be maximized. But no extravagance or flamboyance will be displayed during bonus period.

See perfect PREDICTABILITY (1).

4. Serious efforts will be made to try to avoid an oncoming decline.

5. Decrease will not bring about a loss of human or animal lives or destruction of the environment or ecosystem. That is, no unemployment or suicides, factory closures or business collapse, etc. will result.

6. Seasons or periods that changes occur will be considered as normal.

See perfect HELPLESSNESS (1).

7. The reason(s) responsible for 'rise and fall' can be traced, known.

8. A change in the laws or rules, regulations or policies, reforms or reviews, etc. will not be the cause(s) of an increase or a decline.

9. Frequency of regularity will not result in hopelessness, decay or ruin, or bring about an unplanned loss, especially during a decline. That is, the 'instability' will come to an end, someday in the future.




See perfect LOOSE END.

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