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i. (North American English) A van/truck that contains a library and travels from place to place so that people in different places can borrow books.

ii. A truck fitted out as a traveling library for rural areas, etc.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, especially if taken advantage of.

2. The available materials will be those in demand or requested.

3. Where it stays in a locality will be conducive for 'reading'.

4. Protected and safe for all concerned while it is being used.

5. Stationary and stable at the time of being used; not a threat.

6. The engine will be off while in use for a borrower, reader, etc.

7. The 'librarian' cum driver (?) will be efficient and effective.

8. Library (van/truck) will be a clean, neat and hygienic place.

9. Specialized vehicle serves purpose(s) (connect to #1).

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See perfect KNOWLEDGE (1).

See perfect BOOK LEARNING.

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