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Bomb disposal

Definition: The job of removing or exploding bombs in order to make an area safe.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. (Risky?) job (= removal and explosion of bombs) is undertaken by only experts!

a. Relevant part(s) of or the area needing evacuation is evacuated.

b. Disposal team are appropriately dressed.

c. All necessary equipment are available and made use of.

d. Appropriate procedures and processes are adopted.



See perfect REMOVAL (1).
Below the Line
3. Area is made and declared safe after removal or explosion.

See perfect FORMALIZATION (1).

further below the line

4. Removed bombs are defused or exploded under a controlled atmosphere, in a safe place, by the disposal unit.

5. Removal and explosion serves purpose(s). That is, place is still habitable after the exercise and residents can and do return to their homes (connect to #3).

See perfect HABITATION (2).

much further below the line

6. No unexploded ordinances are discovered in future in area as a result of the inefficiency of the 'experts'. (Connect to #5.)

See perfect INCOMPETENT.

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