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Definition: (disapproving) The state or quality of being barefaced (showing that you do not care about offending somebody or behaving badly).

* All ten elements would be in.

1. Thought purposeful and necessary, for seeming devil-may-care.

2. Victim won't be deserving of rough treatment (to emphasize).

3. Odd attitude or strange behaviour won't be a regular trait.

4. Risk or danger involved in carelessness or badness is known.

5. Without a condition under which any change of mind may occur.


See perfect BAD FEELINGS.

6. Regrets won't be had afterwards - no apologies to be offered.

7. The 'fool' will get away with hurting another or misconduct.

8. Loss that 'idiot' earns from shameful activity is affordable.

9. Appeal(s) to prevent harm or misbehaviour fell on deaf ears.

10. Some weird satisfaction would be obtained from the situation.


See perfect DAMNEDEST (2).

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