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Bachelor's wife

Definition: An ideal woman with none of the shortcomings of married men's wives.

* All ten elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, to be considered OK (The Mrs would wish).

2. Not strictly a WAG, i.e., not competing (as those do).

3. Gives no condition to be laid (unlike those paid 'service' charge).

4. Without a loose end to birth canal (nature's not yet taken its toll).

5. Easily able to leave union as soon as wished (no strings attached).

6. Wastes no strength nagging her partner (no 'rights'?).

7. Won't agree to being in a love triangle (damn wife-swapping idea!).

8. Looking ahead to meeting a Mr. Right (not enduring Mr. Available!).

9. Willing and readily lets guy roam (not like those 'property' owners!).

10. Free. (Not concerned about an in-law or a prenup).

See perfect EVE (3).

1. Would be considered a catch, if ...

2. Concerned about only her 'future'.

3. Not that expensive; can share bill.

4. What stretch marks ? Unless, maybe ...

5. No reminder of commitment or promise.

6. Can easily walk away, if dissatisfied.

7. Knows she is not yet off 'the shelf' ...

8. Tries more to look smashing or sexy.

9. Won't show her true colours, not yet.

10. No rationalization or justification ...

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