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Wretch (3)

Definition: A person in great misfortune.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Did not succeed, if a try was made, in avoiding calamity.

2. Unable to really appreciate the full extent of predicament.

3. Has exhausted all resources or energies trying to solve issue.

4. Lives at the lowest point - ground level - almost giving up hope.

5. Possibility or likelihood of an out or escape not available.

6. Does not get help or assistance that is thought deserved.

7. Able only to beg, pray, wish, etc. for manna, miracle, luck, etc.

8. Clutching at straws (#2), looking for a scapegoat (#6), and probably playing the blame game, at this point in time, in pitiful condition or situation.

9. Knows or will find out the cause(s), so learned a lesson therein.


1. Unlucky. 2. Confused. 3. Saddened.


4. Pessimistic. 5. Frustrated. 6. Unloved.


7. Handicapped. 8. Desperate. 9. Undaunted.

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