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Blood sport


i. A sport in which animals or birds are killed.

ii. Sports such as hunting in which animals are killed.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and believed necessary, at least, for the sportsperson.

2. Will have rules and regulations which will be established by sport's governing authorities.

3. Does not involve activities that will negatively affect the environment or bring an imbalance to an ecosystem.

4. Involves nothing that will need to be done which will be illegal.

5. Prizes (= killings) will be appropriately made use of. That is, animals or birds will be used in research, sold or cooked and eaten. In other words, activities engaged in will achieve goal(s).

6. (Reserved.) (No animal will be hunted and left half-dead! That is, killings will all be collected and rounds or shot all accounted for!)

7. Sport brings no unplanned loss to hunters/firers/catchers, etc. That is, animals will not maul humans and no misfiring or 'friendly fire' will occur, especially when a group goes hunting.


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