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i. A sport in which two people fight by holding each other and trying to throw or force the other one to the ground.

ii. A sport under any of the various codes of rules, in which unarmed opponents grapple and try to throw each other.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary - entertainment (or deceit), competition, etc.

2. Arranged with stand-by medical emergency facilities: dressings, ambulances, etc.

3. Umpire is of an excellent grade and performance is therefore, outstanding.

4. Wrestlers are of top grade or A-class.

See perfect HEADLOCK.
Below the Line
1. Achieves the purpose(s), scintillating or not.

See perfect SPORT (1).

further below the line

1. (Reserved.) (No performance enhancing substance will be used!)

See perfect FIGHT (1).

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