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Void (2)
VOID (2)


i. When someone or something important is not now in your life and you are unhappy.

ii. If you describe a situation or feeling as a void, you mean that it seems very empty because there is nothing or worthwhile about it.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. The importance or worthiness of person or thing was considerable.

2. No possibility exists of a return, reappearance, recreation, etc.

3. The memories will be fond and recall of person or thing nostalgic.

4. What reigns is a desire, might-have-been, wishful thinking, etc.

5. Absence or unavailability will be believed as almost irreplaceable.

6. Sad feelings will be impossible to disguise or deny (to emphasize).

7. Unhappiness will last for a long period of time (connect to #8).

8. Unwanted feelings will not lead to an illegality, immorality, etc.

9. You did not willingly contribute to a death, destruction, etc.

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