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Victim (1)

Definition: A person who has been attacked, injured or killed as the result of a crime, a disease, an accident, etc.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Generally does not expect or plan or hope to be one.

2. Would have tried to avoid being attacked, injured or killed.

3. Will have telltale signs of attack, etc. and/or can provide an evidence, as applicable, where required. Or will be legally certified as having died as a result of a crime, disease, accident, etc.

4. Will be eligible to be compensated, apologized to, refunded, officially buried etc., etc. That is, has some right(s), whether or not he or she knows this/these or claims same. In other words, should be put first, in the aftermath of event.

5. Not one 'of circumstances'. That is, person was not attacked, injured, killed, etc. in error. And will not be forgotten! In other words, can be reintegrated into the system or society. (To emphasize.)

6. Learns a lesson, if alive, from situation. Or the person's death will not be in vain. That is, some good will come out from the attack, injury, death, etc.

... oh, CAN'T BE HAPPY !

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