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Thumbs down


i. (informal) If you say that someone gives a plan, idea, or suggestion the thumbs down, you are indicating that they do not approve of it and refuse to accept it.

ii. (informal) An expression or a sign used to show that something has been rejected or that it is not a success.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and considered necessary to use expression/sign.

2. Basis for use is solid. That is, thing has been completely turned down or failure is conclusive.

3. Clearly seen or noticed and understood - cannot be misinterpreted.

4. No unplanned loss will be suffered by who makes gesture or sign. That is, finger, etc. will not be damaged and no negative, physical response or reaction will come from target of gesture or sign.

5. Expression will not be displayed with any positive or upside. That is, dissatisfaction will be clearly deducible from gesture or sign. In other words, rejection or condemnation must not be with a 'smile'.

6. Expression acts as a spur or discouragement. That is, a positive effect or negative impact will be achieved by sign.

See perfect SLOW HANDCLAP.

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