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Shutdown (2)

Definition: (US) A situation in which Congress fails to pass authorization for sufficient funds for government operations (= when basic Federal Government services or nonessentials are not readily or immediately supplied or provided, accessible or available).

* All six elements would be in.

1. Crisis situation would have been a long time coming, as a direct result of a lack of cooperation or compromise by all the political stakeholders.

[ No deal! ] See perfect BY-AND-BY (1).

2. Closure will hurt only the vulnerable or disadvantaged, whatever is done by the President, members of Congress and the Justices, with their 'fat and undeserved' (?) paychecks.

[ Scary. ] See perfect HARDSHIP.

3. Initially very frustrating as there would seem to be no hope in sight for the people mostly affected by the financial stringency.

[ Preposterous. ] See perfect DISGRUNTLEMENT.

4. Will cause a loss or have an undesired effect on the national economy, leading to a decline in the GDP, balance of trade, etc.

[ Disastrous. ] See perfect CONTROVERSY.

5. Lasts for the shortest possible period of time. That is, a dispute on spending limits, debt ceiling, etc. would be resolved very quickly.

[ It's a blame game. ] See perfect EXPLAINING.

6. Political casualties or electoral consequences might inevitably arise afterwards, especially if crisis occurs close to an election.

[ Abracadabra ? ] See perfect BEHIND THE SCENES.

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