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Definition: A person who makes a schedule (= a plan that lists all the work that you have to do and when you must do each).

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Has a purpose and considers it a necessity to make plan(s).

2. Consults with or contacts the principal, takes notes and/or has a good memory to remember, afterwards, all that is/was or would be discussed.

3. Has a very good sense of time and/or timing and an excellent idea of time management.

4. The tools or gadgets with which to draw up schedule, such as watch, cellphone, electronic calender, calculator, pen, etc. as applicable, are in order.

5. Writings and wordings used in plan (= schedule) will be appropriate - and understandable, legible or readable.

6. A final draft will be discussed with and approved/endorsed by the principal, after which a plan is prepared, before work or task can be said to be complete.

7. Serves purpose(s), whether plan is followed or not.

See perfect TIMETABLING.

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