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Sanction (3)

Definition: [ ~ (against something) ] A course of action that can be used, if necessary, to make people obey a law or behave in a particular way.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (to emphasize, see definition).

2. Legal, that is, not an act or action that is an illegality in or by itself.

See perfect SANCTION (1).

See perfect RECIDIVIST.
Below the Line
1. Action is not destructive - secured.

2. Act or action is not disruptive - safe.

3. Action is not frightening - sound.

See perfect RIGHT (1).

See perfect LAWFULNESS.

further below the line

1. Action is the last option. That is, course of action is taken only after other legal methods have failed to achieve the intended goal(s).

2. Available freely, if ever needed to be used, when necessary.

See perfect APPROACH (1).

See perfect WHIP (1).

much further below the line

1. Unfailing. That is, course of action is guaranteed to achieve objective(s) as exactly hoped for.



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