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Definition: The act of making speeches to crowds of people with the intention of making them angry or excited, especially for political aims.

* All ten elements should be in.

1. Purposeful to get the people angry or excited.

2. Necessity in the opinion of rabble-rouser to get across the message to his or her target in this way.

3. Speech is heard clearly by the crowd (to emphasize).

4. Things that will be said will all be factual truths !

5. Evidence can be provided by speaker to support assertions, if required (connect to #4).

6. Hearers and/or listeners understand all that is said by talker.

7. Speaker is emotional (to emphasize). That is, there is a direct and visible involvement of speaker, in the expression of 'anger' or excitement.

8. No wounds or injuries occur in the process, to either speaker or listener(s)/watcher(s) in the crowd.

9. Speech leads to an action by the crowd (connect to #5 & #10).

10. Act or process achieves objective(s) as exactly hoped for.

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