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Bastion (2)

Definition: A place that military forces are defending.

* All six elements should be in.

1. What is in place is known for certain, even if what is being defended is believed, by others, to be naught or 'nothingness'.

2. People, if any, in place demanded, requested or required defence. And/or things in place are considered worthy, by the military cum political leaders to be defended.

3. Place is desired to be occupied or possessed by 'enemy forces', who are pushing or will push for same.

4. An advantage, a benefit or gain, etc. will be the end result of successfully defending place.

5. People or things in place, or the nature of ground or land of particular point, will not turn out traitors or treacherous, after defence would have been secured.

6. Place and contents of place cannot significantly diminish, disappear or disintegrate while being defended.

See perfect OBJECTIVE (1).


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