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Portentousness (1)

Definition: (literary) The state of being important as a sign or a warning of something that is going to happen in the future, especially when it is something unpleasant.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Feature, component, etc. of the thing that is a forewarning, will be a lead-in, or prologue, realized or not ! (To emphasize, connect to #4).

2. Thing that shows early sign, or warns of future danger, will be specific and identifiable, believed or not !!

3. What is a harbinger of future evil or bad, will be measurable and/or assessable, even if this is not taken note of !!!

4. Expected follow-through action will be inevitable. That is, it will be impossible to stop the calamity to come, no matter the efforts that may be made, to prevent this danger !!!!

5. Cautionary sign or early 'warning' will be constantly noticed or permanently seen, until the unavoidable bad arrives !!!!!

6. (Reserved.) (Some preparation would be made as a result of sign or warning that would secure an amelioration of the pains or losses that negative occurrence would surely bring !!!!!!)

See perfect HELLFIRE.

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