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Pitfall (2)


i. Danger or difficulty, especially one that is hidden or not obvious at first.

ii. The pitfalls involved in a particular activity or situation are the things that may go wrong or may cause problems.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Specific and identifiable; measurable and/or assessable.

2. Thing will have a breeding ground and person or people in situation will have no defence mechanism.

3. It will not be possible to prevent or stop thing from happening, not by nature or by the instrumentality of the law.

4. There will be no will or determination, political clout, the wherewithal, etc. with which to confront and defeat the bad or evil.

5. Remains in place for as long as activity or situation will be on. And an augury or a sign or 'warning', if any, will not be noticed or heeded.

6. (Reserved.) (Can be avoided with the proper strategy, approach, etc. But a plea or supplication/prayers will not have a role to play in avoiding the bad.)

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