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Open secret

Definition: If you refer to something as an open secret, you mean that it is supposed to be a secret but many people know about it.

* All five elements would be in.

1. Will be 'protected' by who assumes that thing is not in the public domain, even if there is no sanction for a 'disclosure' of the thing.

2. Can be spoken about in hushed tones, or mumbled, or whispered - not something banned from being mentioned or talked about.

3. The knowledge or an awareness of thing will confer some advantage or benefit on who knows or is aware of 'secret' (to emphasize).

4. Who erroneously thinks that thing is unknown to others will suffer a loss, make some mistake, etc. as a consequence of mistaken belief.

5. Thing will, some day, be completely out in the open, even as it will be too late to recoup losses that 'secretiveness' brought about.


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