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Nobbling (1)

Definition: The act of preventing a horse from winning a race, for example by giving it drugs.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Purposeful. (See perfect GAMBLING.)

2. Considered a necessity to prevent horse winning. (See perfect MONEY (1).)

3. Horse completes race but does not come close to being winner. (See perfect RUNNER-UP.)

4. Horse does not get ill, sick or even die eventually as a result of administered drugs. (See perfect HORSE RACING.)

5. Gain or profit sought from wrong act is received as planned. (See perfect PAYMENT (1).)

6. Offence won't be discovered later, to lead to an unplanned loss such as a fine, ban, etc. (See perfect REGRET.)

7. Effect of drugs lasts for a particular duration. That is, horse can return to normalcy after race. (See perfect NATURE (2).)


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