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Molestation (1)

Definition: An act of sexually attacking somebody, especially a child.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, for who violates innocent child.

2. Planned and calculated, never a spur-of-the moment activity.

3. Victim will be lured, tricked, etc. into a vulnerable situation.

4. Child will be misled, misinformed, threatened, etc. before succumbing to oppressor. That is, child will not easily agree to participating in act.

5. Protests, shouts, etc., if any, will be ineffective in situation.

6. Forceful sexual act, or practical sexual activity takes place.

7. 'Predator animal' gets satisfaction from action before releasing captive child. That is, attack serves purpose(s) for the adult.

8. Poor bruised child suffers a psychological trauma, emotional shock, physical fright, etc. as a direct consequence of attack.

9. Effect or impact of immorality is noticed by the parent(s), or child reports encounter to the right person(s). (To emphasize.)

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