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Mendacity (1)

Definition: (formal) The act of not telling the truth.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Purposeful, with an attempt to justify act, even if unnecessary.

2. Deliberate. That is, an awareness exists that untruth is being spoken or written or gestured. Or there is full recognition that veracity of information is not attempted to be confirmed.

3. Truth is known. Or fact(s) can be discovered or found out before opening the mouth or writing or gesturing untruth(s).


4. Some gain or benefit is expected as an outcome of insincerity.

5. A justification, and a reconfirmation, if necessary, will be made after untruth is told.

6. Hearer(s) or listener(s) or reader(s) knows or suspects that what is being heard or what is read is falsehood. (Though person being told a lie is not in a position to stop liar or question 'tale'.)


7. No sanction or punishment will be suffered, at least, not immediately, by untruthful person.

8. Lying serves purpose(s) for the mendacious person(s).


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