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Definition: A time in the day when you eat a meal.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary. (4.00 am.)

2. Appropriate for the body as nature dictates or as recommended by a dietician or appropriate professional. (8.00 am.)

3. Not inexhaustible time. That is, period is specific and identifiable, programmed or unscheduled. (12 midday-2.00 pm.)

4. Not time meant for another activity. That is, no expectation of a disturbance during period. In other words, duration is measurable and/or assessable. (to emphasize). (4.30-4.45 pm.)

5. Food will be, at the particular point in time, ready and served, waiting to be ... prayed over ... and eaten. (8.00 pm.)

6. The amount of time available - seconds, minutes or hours - will be used effectively. (Connect to #5 & #7.) (10.30 pm.)

7. Not a time for complaining about quality or quantity of food or service or price or .. ! (To emphasize.) (12.00 midnight!)

8. Serves purpose(s), unless a fast is on ... whenever !


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