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Meals on wheels


i. A service that takes meals to old or sick people in their homes.

ii. In Britain, meals on wheels, is a service provided by the local authority that delivers hot meals to people who are too old or too sick to cook for themselves.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and considered a necessity by providers (to emphasize).

2. Beneficiaries will be truly and/or rightly deserving of help. That is, there will be no doubts about their ages or state of health.

3. Payment, if any, for provisions will be minimal, ... if not free!

4. Hot meals will be delivered to the old or sick on time.

5. Meals/menu will be of the best possible quality/variety available.

6. Remains operational as long as there are the aged or the infirm, whether or not the service is subsidized by the local authority.

See perfect KINDNESS (1).

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