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Manhood (1)

Definition: The state of being an adult man rather than a boy.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to be in state (DEVELOPMENT).

2. State is specific and identifiable (growth, build), measurable and/or assessable (formalized, normalized) (LAWFULNESS).

3. Person in state will be respected, regarded and treated as a grown-up, especially by the a younger being (= boy or girl) (connect to #4) (HONOUR).

4. Behaviour and attitude displayed will not reflect childishness or show signs of person being a kidult (COMING OF AGE).

5. There will be no desire to relive the boyhood life or recreate the adolescent years (ELDER, SENIOR).

6. Natural qualities expected in state or of the times - manliness and/or maleness - will be possessed (MANHOOD, MANHOOD!).

7. Being in state achieves goal(s) or serves purpose(s) (LIFE, LIVING).

See perfect CATCH (6).

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