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i. The quality of having or showing a desire to harm other people.

ii. The quality of having or showing a desire to do harm.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to satisfy some urges, feelings, etc., even if there is no basis such as a grudge, malice, clash, etc.

2. Person with quality is assumed to be in the right frame of mind, at the time of desire, even if on the wrong side of the law.

3. Never gives a warning, caution, etc. to stop or help victim-to-be to avoid bad situation.

4. Won't present a chance for victim to retrace steps that would earn an escape from harm.

5. Can't show leniency or mercy, no understanding or forgiveness, once the opportunity to harm arises.

6. Armed with appropriate tools to effect harm, such as authority, weapons, an acerbic tongue, physical strength, etc. And certain that victim will be in a weak and vulnerable position, unable to fightback, resist, etc.

7. Will deliver harm timely, fully and before the likelihood of a superior authority stopping or lessening the effect of wickedness.

8. Person with quality is always ready, and on a lookout, with a grin, smirch, smile, etc. ... waiting for the prey(s).

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