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Lurch (2)


i. (idiomatic - leave somebody in the lurch) (informal) To fail to help somebody when they are relying on you to do so.

ii. Leave someone in the lurch - abandon someone in difficulties.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Who fails or abandons another will have a purpose and consider the 'wickedness' necessary.

2. A reason or the reasons for not helping or supporting will not be disclosed at the point or time of need.

3. The wherewithal, an ability, a capacity, etc. required to help will be possessed fully and unconditionally.

4. Lack or absence of assistance will result in a serious loss for who suffers 'deprivation', even if this is not admitted.

5. Who disappoints another or the other will be worried and mindful of the likelihood or possibility of a revenge or 'payback'.

6. Who brings about a let-down or shock will go 'unpunished'. That is, the law or a rule cannot be used to sanction the unjust person.


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