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i. A soft gentle song sung to make a child go to sleep.

ii. A quiet song which is intended to be sung to babies and young children to make them go to sleep.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful to sing (see definition).

2. Necessary to make child, etc. go to sleep (connect to #1).

3. 'Singer' sings with his/her best smoothest voice. (To emphasize.)

4. Lyrics should be soothing, and/or pleasing, especially if child is smart or some prodigy or a genius.

5. Sung at the right time, not after baby just woke up from a sleep.

6. Voice will need, or will have, no accompaniment like clapping, musical instrument, etc.

7. Achieves goal(s). That is, singing will not be a waste of time.

See perfect SERENADE (1).

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