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Liberation (2)

Definition: The situation in which somebody is freed from something that restricts their enjoyment of life.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Earlier efforts were made to be freed, but these were unsuccessful.

3. Situation arises timely, when activities planned to be engaged in can still be participated in.

4. Apologies, explanations, excuses, etc. will not be given or made for expressed desires or aspirations to be free.

5. Windows of opportunity offered by the freedom will not be used to participate in illegalities or unauthorized endeavours.

6. There will be no new unacceptable or illegal restrictions in the fresh endeavour to be embarked upon.

7. Enjoyment will be secured at the minimum costs. That is, no unplanned loss will be experienced while having good time after securing a release from 'captivity'.

8. New state of enjoyment can be had for duration desired, as long as activities are conducted within legal limits.

9. Whatever will be enjoyed after freedom does not lead to an untimely death and must not destroy the environment or the ecosystem.


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