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Leper (2)

Definition: A person that other people avoid because they have done something that these people do not approve of.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Person was warned or cautioned before act or action was done.

2. 'Benefit' or 'gain', if any, in what was done, against advice, is not considered worthwhile by the others.

3. No real honour advantage, virtue, worth, value, etc. in the result or outcome of what action will bring, that will lasts for a considerable or sustainable period of time.

4. Person will be trying hard to get an endorsement or support from amongst those keeping him or her at bay.

5. Person being avoided never intends to give up 'illicit' gain that may have been secured from ill-advised action. And will never plan to recant or renounce bad behaviour - not willing to apologize or make an acceptable amend of any kind.

6. The reputation or standing of whoever chooses to associate, align with or approve the particular person being avoided will be irretrievably stained.


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