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Baby bonus

Definition: Payment to families for having children.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and considered necessary by the who pays or the approving authority.

2. Children are not adopted kids but those biologically had by the claimants of payments.

3. Amount would have been correctly calculated, no matter the number of kids involved.

4. Sum will be believed substantial by the recipients (to emphasize, connect to #6).

5. Policy does not lead to a baby boom. That is, there will be no 'pregnancies for cash'.

6. Payment received will be exclusively used for the benefit of a child or the children.

7. Family will remain as a single united one, after the cessation or stoppage of grant or freebie.

8. Children contribute to the well-being of society, on becoming adults. That is, investment will not be in vain.


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