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Laziness (4)

Definition: (literary) The quality of moving slowly.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Speed of movement is measurable/or assessable (WON'T BE BOTHERED).

2. No desire or requirement to move faster (CAN'T BE THREATENED).

3. There will be some majestic beauty in movement. That is, speed will be smooth - not laborious and never portrays tiredness or latency! (WON'T BE RUSHED.)

4. Nothing on route of flow will be destroyed, displaced or disturbed by 'snail speed' (CAN'T BE QUESTIONED).

5. Slowness is natural - not the outcome of a fault, illness, mix-up, etc. (WON'T BE BLAMED).

6. Continues or sustained for distance desired and for the exact period required for slow speed to make meaning (connect to #7) (CAN'T BE REGRETTED).

7. Final destination will be reached, eventually, at the exact time desired or planned for - no time was wasted (WON'T SHIFT OR GIVE WAY).

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