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Laziness (3)

Definition: (disapproving) The state or condition of showing a lack of effort or care.

* All eight (nine!) elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and considered necessary by the lazybones.

2. Strength and hard work, quality of thoughtfulness and punctiliousness, etc. can be summoned or produced.

... no real tenacity.

3. Repercussion(s), implication(s), etc. for the indolent state or condition in exists and this/these is/are known.

4. Support, assistance, advice or help, etc. that could be aimed at replacing lack of focus will be available but these will be rebuffed.

5. Shame or remorse will not be shown in situation. And an effective sanction will not be meted out to 'culprit'.

... no sterner ambition.

5. Loss, disadvantage, embarrassment, etc. that will arise or be suffered in or from situation will not be damaging or serious.

6. Saved energy (from nonchalance) or spare time (from carelessness) will not be beneficially or maximally used.

... no genuine imagination.

7. Disgraceful quality serves purpose(s) or achieves goal(s).

8. (9!). No lesson is learned from situation (connect to #5).

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Quote: "Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon overtakes it". - English proverb.

Quote: "The receiver is as bad as the thief". - Chinese proverb.

Quote: "Adversity flatters no man". - Cambodian proverb.

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