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Laundry (2)

Definition: The process or the job of washing clothes, sheets, etc.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Items to be washed are checked and prepared for process.

3. Materials or items are made ready by isolation, soaking, addition of detergents, etc.

4. Appropriate actions on clothes, etc., such as brushing, scrubbing, etc. take place.

5. Duration or time spent, with the right monitoring of activities, is considered adequate, to get the desired result.

6. Rinse or rinsing, drying, etc. of washed items takes place.

7. (Reserved.) (No damage is done to materials washed, especially if a machine or an equipment was involved in the process.)

8. Ironing, folding, packaging, etc., where required on washed items, is done properly.

9. Process or job serves purpose(s) or achieves objective(s).

See perfect LAUNDRY (1).

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