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Laundry (1)

Definition: Clothes, sheets, etc. that need washing, that are being washed, or that have been washed recently.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary in the opinion of person who will do, is doing or did, the washing. (Connect to #2.)

2. Selection is correct - not clothes, sheets, etc. that the manufacturer's instructions have disallowed from a wash.

3. Collection is the right one - not of an item that will be thrown away after it's washed, or not planned to be used, worn, or that will be washed afresh, a second time, when it will be ready to be used.

4. (Reserved.) (Appropriate approval or authorization, to wash items, was or will be obtained, where required.)

5. Method of wash and substances used or applied is/was appropriate - will/would ensure cleanliness of clothes, etc. and/or safety of person and/or equipment that ensured cleanness, and healthiness of the environment.

6. Separation or isolation is enhanced during and after wash - to ensure that colours and/or materials don't mix or combine to cause an unplanned loss.

7. Serves purpose(s) or achieves objective(s).

See perfect WASHING (1).

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