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Definition: The quality or state of feeling or showing strong sexual desire.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Basis or object of desire is specific and identifiable - whether (present) nearby or (absent) far away !

2. Mood and atmosphere is appropriate to take advantage of, or to display or express, the feeling, if desired.

3. Desire will not lead to an unplanned loss, self-harm, shame, embarrassment, regret, etc.

4. Emotion or display lasts for the period desired, whether feeling or offer is assuaged or accepted or not.

5. An alternate option or service offered or provided will not really quench 'thirst' (= feeling) or replace 'hunger' (= strong desire).

6. The quality or state in is natural, not brought about by a drug intake, an unsolicited tickle, etc. And what to be done will, therefore, by rightly done, if necessary.

See perfect PLIANCY (1).

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