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Lameness (2)

Definition: (of an excuse, explanation, etc.) The quality of being weak and difficult to believe.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Not designed or desired by who gives or makes the weak, unbelievable presentation.

2. Response must be given in the situation; no option or a choice to keep quiet or silent.

3. The silent hope will be that 'tale' will fly or gel. That is, there will be a slight suspicion, by 'storyteller', that foundation of excuse, explanation, etc. is not strong enough, yet ... .

4. A basis exists, in the opinion of speaker, writer, etc., but this will neither be commonsensical nor logical. And basis cannot be backed or made stronger by a law, custom, precedence, tradition or culture, rule or regulation, etc.

5. Valuable time, scarce resources, limited energy, etc. will be spent trying to affirm, stress, reconfirm, etc. what is 'dead'.

6. The 'lifetime' of postulation, comment, etc. will be very short, as the evidence or revelation to destroy untenable position is soon discovered, or made available by or from other sources.

7. Statement, excuse, explanation, etc. will not be acted on in any way; does not add up. So no real loss will arise from weakness or difficulty.

8. (Reserved.) (Does not prevent, delay, or deflect a sanction, blame or punishment, if due, on conclusion/submission of talk, letter, etc.)

9. Will be regretted after excuse, etc. is rejected, whether a price is paid or not. And a lesson would be learned therefrom, even as an attempt could be made later to repeat same.

... SHUT UP !

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