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Definition: The keyworker for a particular group of clients or patients is the person who works with them most closely and has most responsibility for them.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to have person so designated.

2. Will be informed/aware of 'burden' placed on his or her shoulders.

3. Considered as qualified by way of education, experience, etc.

4. Believed to be most suitable, even if he/she is the least trained.

5. Has the relevant authority, will be given the wherewithal, and will always be granted required unrestricted access.

6. Performs task dutifully. That is, handles group of clients or patients satisfactorily, for the employer's benefit; achieves goal(s).

7. Will not take advantage of 'special link' to select group, to earn himself or herself undue privileges or benefits.

8. Does not have an undeclared intention to resign from job soon.


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